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Disclaimer :


Please read it very carefully; it will help you and us.


I am completely responsible for the decisions of my participation in an adventure trip with Himalayan Wilderness, and I waive any and all kind of claims I may have now and in the future against Himalayan Wilderness, and release from all kind of liabilities and I agree on not suing Himalayan Wilderness and its employees, officers, agents, representatives, guides, cooks, support staff or any other staff of Himalayan Wilderness or the licensor for any kind of property damage, personal injury, loss sustained by me or death as a result of my participation in any of the adventure activity with Himalayan Wilderness, due to any cause whatsoever, including without any limitation, negligence on the part of Himalayan Wilderness, its members, staff, and licensor. I am completely aware of the fact that the adventure trips conducted by Himalayan Wilderness are subject to usual dangers and risks involved, in addition with some other dangers and risks that could be the result of my personal medical conditions, Physical strain or exertion for which my physical and mental health may not be prepared, weather conditions that are uncertain and change unexpectedly, remote locations where normal medical services are not available, difficulties of evacuation from any location which is remote, evacuation difficulties if I am not in my perfect health condition. I agree and accept all kind of inherent risks of the adventure trips and the possibilities of any personal injury, death, or the loss or damage of property as a result of my participation in any of the adventure event conducted by them. I acknowledge that the adventure trips are based on the activities that may take me beyond the safety and comfort zone of normal lifestyle and that adds to the risks involved in these activities, by my participation I agree to these activities that are part of my chosen adventure trip. I also acknowledge that if in any situation I suffer any kind of illness or injury, Himalayan wilderness can decide to arrange medical aid, treatment, and emergency evacuation or emergency services if essential for my safety, and I am completely liable to pay for it afterwards. By signing on this agreement, I agree that I at my own will and not relying on any statement, visual representation, oral statement, written text or statement by Himalayan Wilderness and any member of its staff, or any kind of encouragement, Inducement, or any kind of persuasion wants to participate in an adventure trip or activity. I confirm that I have consciously read and understood the terms and conditions of contract and this Agreement prior to signing it and agree that this Agreement will be binding upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and successors.


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