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Image by Samantha Hentosh


Travel across steep mountain ranges & have an adventure of a lifetime!


9 Days  |  60km | 4950m | Difficult

It takes you to various popular locations, such as Ruinsara Tal, Osla Village, and the mystical Yamunotri Dham


12 Days  |  110km | 5319m | Challenging

The Pin Parvati pass connects the Pin valley to the Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh.

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8 Days  |  41km  | 4648m | Difficult

Rupin pass is unquestionably one of India's grandest and oldest cross-country treks in India.


8 Days  |  51km | 4935m | Difficult

One of the trans himalayan routes that is full of raw natural landscapes and a diverse cultural and natural transitions.

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5 Days  |  26km | 4302m | Moderate

Hampta pass connects Kullu valley to Spiti valley and it has been a traditional route for a very long time.

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11 Days  |  43km | 4825m | Difficult

The trail is a bit challenging even for seasoned hikers as it gets slippery & steeper as you move ahead.

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6 Days  |  43km  | 3758m | Easy

A mid-altitude mountain pass situated in Garwhal Himalayas which offers stunning views

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