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Refunds & Cancellations :


Rules For cancellation - If the condition arises in which you want to cancel the booking of your tour with Himalayan Wilderness, you must notify Himalayan Wilderness in writing, once we will receive your notice the cancellation will be effective. Kindly go through the following set of rules about how our cancellation policy works:-

1). Cash Refund-cancellation initiated by the participant.

1.a). Cash refunds are applicable only in case of bookings made without any offers attached to it, and it is not applicable in case of shifting the dates of booking from one batch to another. 

1.b). The cash refund amount would be decided as per the following terms and conditions-:

  • If cancellation takes place more than 25 days prior to reporting date, your 95% of the trip cost will be refunded, 5% of the trip cost will be subjected to processing fee, excluding tax component.

  • If cancellation takes place between 25 and 10 days prior to reporting date, 50% of the trip cost will be refunded.

  • If the cancellation takes place less than 10 days prior to reporting date, there would be 0% refund and your 100% trip cost would be forfeited. 


1.c). The cancellation refund amount would be calculated on the basis of the amount paid for the booking of the trip/tour, which excludes any additional cost for the booking of transport, rent, portage, etc.)


1.d). The cancellation refund amount will be deposited back to the same bank account from which the trip cost has been paid, and it may take upto 10 days for the amount to be refunded to your bank account. 


1.e). In case if the booking is made by partially depositing the amount, in that case the booking would be only approved if the remaining amount is deposited 05 days prior to the departure date. Also, in this case if the cancellation of the trip happens with only partial amount deposited to Himalayan Wilderness, then the deduction amount would be calculated with respect to the total cost of the tour/trip for which the partial amount was deposited, and not with respect of the amount deposited. 


2). Transfer/Replacement 


2.a). In case if you want to transfer your booked seat for any trip/tour with Himalayan Wilderness, it could only be done if the status of the booking is “PAID” and you find the person who agrees to participate in that respective event in your place.


2.b). The transfer of the booking seat can only be made 07 days prior to the reporting date, and the transfer/ replacement will include all the other services that you have already paid for (e.g. Transport, portage, rent etc.)


3). Cancellation/Change Initiated by Himalayan Wilderness


3.a). Right to Cancel/ Change- Himalayan wilderness holds all the rights to cancel your bookings and change any of our services and costs from what is mentioned on the website, social media platforms, any printed material, or any other channel of communication belonging to Himalayan Wilderness at any time. We will make sure that we keep you informed in any such circumstances.


3.b). Force Majeure- The trip/tours which we offer are adventure and outdoor activities, and they are subject to many uncertain and unpredictable situations that may be result of natural or unnatural causes, and Himalayan Wilderness will not be liable to pay the participant the refund/compensation if it has to change the trip/tour arrangements in any way or cancel the trip/tour, because of adverse weather conditions, road situations, landslides, war, riots, industrial disputes, civil disturbance, terrorism threats or activities, natural disaster, nuclear disaster, or any other unforeseen circumstances that may amount to “Force Majeure”. 


3.c). After Departure- Himalayan Wilderness and its team member/representative holds all the right to change or cancel an event at any time after departure as well in case of adverse situations like death of a team member, government restrictions, adverse weather situations or anything which is unforeseen and not in control of Himalayan Wilderness. Also, Himalayan Wilderness will not be liable to pay any refund/compensation for any unused service(s). 


3.d).  Change in services- Himalayan Wilderness holds all the rights to change the trip/ tour service(s) at any time in required situations. Also, in this case the arrangements made by Himalayan Wilderness will in order to keep the standards and the conditions of that particular time in mind. If you disagree to accept the changed services for any reason, then Himalayan wilderness will not be liable to pay any compensation/refund for unused services. 


3.e). Anything other than force majeure- In case of cancellation and change to happen amounting to any reason other than force majeure prior to departure, then Himalayan wilderness will compensate/refund the original amount paid and all other costs in form of a voucher valid for 12 months, that voucher could be used to apply for an event of similar cost and services only and no cash refunds would be arranged. 


3.f). delay in payment- In case if the booking amount is paid partially and the remaining amount is not paid until 05 days left to the departure date, after that Himalayan wilderness will cancel that booking and will not be liable to pay the refund/compensation of the deposited amount.


4). Cancellation initiated by Participant after departure.


4.a) Unplanned retreat- In any such condition where participant decide to discontinue with the trip/tour, Himalayan Wilderness will not be liable to pay any kind of refund/compensation. The participant would be liable to pay all the additional expenses from that point in time for his/her return and expenses for any unplanned execution of his/her retreat on actual basis. 


4.b) Rescue operations and evacuation- for emergency situations that may arise because of the nature of the activity in which the participant in involved, we do have first aid and experts available on all of our trip/tours to help keep the safety and well being of all participants. However, sometimes the situation may arise where we have to plan and execute an emergency evacuation of the participant, and as we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of the participant we will arrange evacuation till the nearest support facility, for e.g. hospital, in that case all the additional expenses incurred would be covered by the participant that may include porters, vehicle, hospitalization, medical expenses or any other service used at the time of evacuation. 

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